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The teacher in trouble

So, there was this totally weird thing with Mr. T, our history teacher. He’s usually super strict and all, but one day, he was acting super off. Like, he kept looking at the clock and was all fidgety. It was so not like him. Then he just ended our class early, which is like, unheard of!

My friends and I thought something was up, so we decided to be a bit sneaky and follow him after school. He went to this old hall that’s pretty much always empty after school. We hid behind some stage stuff to see what he was doing, and it was just... odd.

He was pacing around, talking to himself, and seemed super stressed out. It was seriously creepy, like something from a movie. We kept spying on him for days. Each time, it was the same weird scene. He’d be walking in circles, sometimes stopping to look at these strange symbols drawn on pieces of paper scattered around him. There were also these odd, old-looking books, and once, I swear I saw a candle and some kind of figurine set up in a corner. It almost looked like some religious cult stuff or a weird ritual. We tried to make sense of it all, but it was way beyond anything we’d seen. Was he in trouble, or part of something really secret and strange?

Then one day, things got real. The principal and some other serious-looking people showed up. They had this big talk with Mr. T, and the next thing we knew, he was being walked out. The next day, he wasn’t in school, and everyone was talking about why he got fired.

We had a sub for the rest of the year, and everyone sort of forgot about Mr. T. But I keep thinking about it. What was going on with him? Was there something we didn’t know? Sometimes I feel like maybe we should’ve tried to talk to him or help, but we were just kids, what could we do?

Written by: The kid


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