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The CFO and The Intern

In New York's towering city, I was just a college intern from the Midwest. I felt out of place in the busy world of corporate finance. Then I met the CFO. He had silver hair and sharp blue eyes that saw everything.

One rainy day, we ended up sharing a cab. Our shoulders touched. He talked about New York with such love. For a moment, he was more than just my boss.

Months later, we celebrated a big deal at work. He touched my hand over drinks, and I felt a spark. That night, in the dark, we got close in a way I'll never forget. It was exotic and crazy. It felt like we were in a secret part of New York, just for us.

But then things got tough. Rumors started at work. He became distant and formal. I felt alone and sad. Coworkers told me that he has a family. He doubted when I asked him about it.

The hardest part was that I finally saw that from my own eyes that he had a family. One weekend I saw him and his wife and kids in the shopping mall. My dream about us broke apart. I was so childish. I bet he wasn't serious on us at all.

Now, I have to make a tough choice. I have to leave this mess behind. It's hard because he's much older and has a different life. I keep asking myself why it happened. Why did we let it happen? Should I go and talk to her wife about this?

I'm almost done with my internship. I'm leaving this big city with its secrets. As I pack up, I wonder if part of me will always stay here, stuck in this impossible love.

What should I do?


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