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Echoes of a Forgotten Love

Today, something surprising happened. I was at a work meeting with lots of people I didn't know. Then, I saw him - my first love. He looked the same, but a bit older.

Echoes of a Forgotten Love

We met when we were teenagers. We really loved each other. It was strong and special. But then we went to different colleges and our lives changed. I sometimes thought about him, but I didn't let those thoughts take over.

He was there at the meeting, giving a talk. Seeing him made me remember a lot of things. We said hello after the meeting. It was a bit awkward. He said I looked good. We talked about our lives now. He's married and has kids, just like me. He lives nearby, but we've been living separate lives.

Talking to him felt easy but also different. We knew each other well before, but now there's a distance between us.

We had coffee together. It was nice but also made me feel a little sad. It's hard to see someone you used to love and know you can't go back to those times.

When we said goodbye, we promised to stay in touch. I was happy that we had met and that he was a part of my past. He's important to me, but he's part of my past, not my present.

On my way home, I thought about my family and how happy I am now. I don't regret anything. I remember our love, but it's just a memory now.


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