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Your Relationship Moan - Tell us how shitty and horrible your spouse is!

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Welcome to 'Our Silent Stories', a sanctuary where your voice finds a whisper, and your experiences turn into shared narratives. Here, every story is a world waiting to be explored, and every shared secret is a connection waiting to be made. 


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Dive into "Our Silent Stories,"from the thrills of 'Sex & Love' to the mysteries of the unexplainable, our tales span the spectrum of human experience. Explore 'Family Matters,' 'Work Life,' the depths of 'My Dark Side,' and the joys of 'Friendship.' Available on our website and on social media.


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Your privacy is protected. Publishing without attribution provides a secure environment for contributors to share significant tales, eliminating external influences that could sway a reader's perception of the story. Free from bias and preconceptions.

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Natasha B

Buys gifts at the last minute. Last Christmas, I got a lovely assortment of gas station treasures.


Our idea of a date night is now him scrolling through his phone while we sit on the couch. So much for 'us time.

Mia  L

Lost my husband to fantasy football. I might as well paint myself green and call myself a field.

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